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Dr. Nafisa A. Tejpar
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Nafisa Tejpar, MD, FACS
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery & Evaluation     
         Committed to excellence in your healthcare

Breast cancer Surgeon Orlando

Any problem with your breast can feel scary. Being told that you need to go to a breast surgeon for a biopsy or possible surgery can feel overwhelming.

I am aware that as a new patient coming to my office for the first time you are probably very concerned or frightened regarding a diagnosis which may or may not require surgery. It is my intention that you, the patient, be made fully aware of all the information concerning your problem and the manner in which I feel it should be treated. Not every breast problem is cancer and not every patient needs surgery. But you do need to have any issues or concerns evaluated.

Therefore, I begin a new patient visit with a private conference before I begin the examination.  We will discuss all of your options. If further testing should be required, all arrangements for these will be made at this time.

My goal, and that of my staff, is your health and well-being and to provide you, my patient, the highest standard of health care.

Dr. Nafisa Tejpar, MD

breast cancer treatment

Dr. Tejpar has enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading breast cancer surgeons in the Orlando, Florida area for over 25 years. She was on the Board of the Women's Center at Florida Hospital and remains a member of the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Community Medical Advisors for the Breast Care Program as an independent breast surgeon. Knowlege and experience matters with breast cancer evaluation, surgery and treatment.

In the past Dr. Tejpar had a full general surgery practice, but began limiting the general surgery as she focused more and more on breast cancer prevention and surgery. Today her entire practice is focused exclusively on breast cancer and evaluation.

Dr. Tejpar stays current with the latest advances in diagnostic and treatment approaches to both benign breast disease and breast cancer of all stages so that she can bring to her patients the best possible options for their health and well-being
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"Breast health, evaluation and treatment of breast cancer is my specialty and exclusive focus."

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